Saving Money on Employment Matters

Employment law is nuanced, and contains many pitfalls and traps for the unwary. The purpose of this article is not to discuss all of the intricate details of the law but to focus on how recent trends affect food service operators financially. The short answer is that there are no short answers. However, we do […]

Aaron Hartman to Discuss 2017 Restaurant Employment Issues and Strategies for Owners

Aaron Hartman will be a presenter in a Foodservice News webinar “Labor Pains: Top Issues Facing Restaurant Owners in 2017 and Strategies for Coping.” He will be joined by Amber Duncan, manager in compensation consulting at CBIZ Human Capital Services. The webinar will focus on salient labor and employment issues facing restaurant owners in 2017, […]

A New Look at Labor Savings

Much has been written about the pressure on restaurants to contain its labor costs so as to counter the potential impact of the Affordable Health Care Act and the increase in minimum wages in various states. At this point, we have not seen the restaurant industry materially affected by these cost increases. Most restaurant companies […]