Compensation Options for Restaurant Owners in Today’s Tight Labor Market

While revenue is still the biggest issue affecting the restaurant industry, recruiting, securing and retaining employees are all tied for second place. To be considered an employer of choice, restaurant owners need to use creative and aggressive compensation techniques. I have divided compensation techniques into four categories: 1. Direct compensation: If you haven’t already, develop […]

A Real Estate Plan for 2022

Let’s start with the obvious, but often overlooked: Controlling your real estate in some form of ownership, especially in today’s restaurant market, is preferable to leasing. Control gives you the option of converting your investment into cash using a variety of tools, such as a sale-leaseback. More importantly, real estate can be a lucrative investment. […]

Anatomy of a Deal for 2022

Two words come to mind for the anatomy of a deal the last few years: flexibility and creativity. Those two words were the hallmark of deals completed during the height of the pandemic and are still appropriate for 2022 deals. Let’s look at some basic controlling factors affecting deal pricing. First, since deals are normally […]

Creative Compensation Techniques Your Business Should Consider

As we start the new year, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how companies can differentiate themselves in compensation planning. This afternoon I’ll be presenting a series of creative techniques to the Private Directors Association, the only national association dedicated to using governance strategies as a means of growing and sustaining private companies’ […]

What Did I Learn About Real Estate?

At the recent Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, I had the good fortune of moderating a real estate panel with three experts: Victor Calanog, a Moody’s economist renowned in the real estate sector; Glen Kunofsky, a sale/lease back expert; and Bill Lenehen, CEO of Four Corners Property Trust, a major restaurant real estate investment trust. […]