Trademark Rights in Book Titles

I’m often asked by authors whether they can trademark the title of a book or other literary work they’ve created. There can often be significant value in the name recognition and associated publicity generated by the publication of a book, and protecting these rights can be very important. Limitations on trademark protection The short answer […]

Protecting Trade Secrets

If you mention the term “trade secret,” many people will think of “the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices” or the formula for Coca-Cola®. While these are certainly closely guarded and very valuable trade secrets, the fact is that most businesses have information that can and should be protected. What can be protected? The law defines […]

Common Questions About Copyright Law

What Is Protected Under Copyright Law? Copyright law protects original works of authorship, such as writings, songs, artwork, photographs, and computer code. Names, slogans, and short phrases are not copyrightable; these are protected by trademark law. A copyright owner has the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, perform, display, distribute and license a copyrightable work. How […]