Gerry Duffy Criticizes City of Medina’s Handling of a Developer’s Application

An August 21 Star Tribune article cites Gerald Duffy’s critical remarks concerning the city of Medina’s handling of a building application by PRDC, a developer represented by Gerry.

PRDC and another developer, Stonegate Farm Inc., have sued the city of Medina in state and federal court, alleging that the city was deliberately antagonistic by creating obstacles and delaying an application to build residential lots on 80 acres of land east of Baker Park Reserve.

For example, even as PRDC worked with city staff to get the application approved, the Medina City Council, in what PRDC saw as a direct attack on its proposal, passed an ordinance that created additional requirements the developer had to meet.

“What the city did when we were trying to work with you, to put forward an ordinance and move it forward without our knowledge, and [not] tell us about it until it’s just about passed, suggests to us that working with [the city] just doesn’t work,” Gerry Duffy said at a City Council meeting.

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