In Memoriam: Gerald Duffy


On January 29, 2022, we lost one of the most endearing figures in our firm’s storied history. Gerald Duffy, known by friends and colleagues alike as just “Gerry,” was with MMB for more than a decade, but the impact his presence had on our work, and on our culture, will never be forgotten.


As we say goodbye, our hearts ache for the loss of an incredible husband, father, grandfather, friend, coworker, and mentor. In his decade of work at Monroe Moxness Berg, Gerry forever altered the social landscape of our office, cultivating collaboration that always put clients first, while still prioritizing the well-being of our attorneys. In its most simple terms, Gerry is irreplaceable, although we take solace in seeing many of those same trailblazing qualities in his son, Matt, who had the privilege of not just growing up with such a wonderful father, but also of working alongside him in our litigation department.

The last few days around here have been filled with stories about Gerry’s ability to not only be his clients’ attorney, but more importantly their trusted advisor.  While his legal skills were at the top of his field, what really set Gerry apart as a lawyer was his ability to understand and take a meaningful role in advancing his client’s business. Everyone who encountered Gerry knew they were meeting someone special, and that his impact on their lives would go far beyond the office walls. As an attorney, he started his career in the military as a lawyer with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG Corps).  He used those skills to navigate lasting relationships when he made the transition to private practice, becoming trusted counsel across a variety of industries and eventually becoming a pioneer in the fields of zoning, permitting, and land use law. But as he would tell you, it’s far more important that we are known for who we are, not what we do – and in that regard, he was second to none.

It’s an unfortunate reality that for all of us, our time does eventually come. The best we can ever hope for is that we lived a life that meant something – a life that changed the lives of the people around us in positive ways they’ll never forget. And in that regard, we can all agree that Gerry lived a life well lived. He will be deeply missed.