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Five Key Components to Financing Real Estate

Many sectors of the real estate market continue to remain strong and attract significant attention in the financing markets. Notwithstanding the recent slow down in the housing market, demand for and the valuation and financing of commercial real estate continues at a strong level. If you are acquiring or refinancing real estate, keep in mind […]

Raising Money With A One Unit Concept

“Can I raise money when I have only one location?” “Can I start franchising with one location?” These are questions our firm is regularly asked. In the past, our answer to both questions has always been “no”, but we are not as convinced today, especially as to the first question. This article will address these […]

A Quick Preview of 2006 in the Franchise Finance World

Two key words in the franchise finance world for 2006 will be “multiples” and “activity.” It is apparent, through recent and pending transactions, that the valuation Multiples (the cash flow from the target business times a multiple) are at historic high levels. This is true both on the franchisee and franchisor side and for both […]

Protecting Your Value

Successful franchisees often have a problem in effectively transitioning and protecting the value of their business interests from events such as estate taxes, creditor collections and forced sales. As franchisee organizations mature, they become what we call “cash cows”, generating significant amounts of cash for the benefit of a broad base of constituents, particularly the […]

Beg, Borrow and be Original

“I need some money to get started. Do you know someone who could help?” or, “I need an angel investor. Can you find an angel for me?” or “I’ve heard from a number of people that you are the guy to call to help me get money.” (Usually that last call means they have tried […]

Investing in the Restaurant Sector

In the last several years we have seen a proliferation of private equity investment in the restaurant sector. Many of today’s leading restaurant chains started out with significant private investment. This private investment was secured through established private equity funds or private placements where the individual restaurant owner/entrepreneur elected to seek out individuals interested in […]