Dennis Monroe Comments in QSR on VC Funding for Early-Stage Restaurant Concepts

An article “Is Venture Capital Right for Your Restaurant Concept?” in the February issue of QSR, quotes comments from Dennis Monroe, discussing what he sees as an increasing interest on the part of venture capital firms in funding less proven, early-stage restaurant concepts. “People are looking downstream and looking at earlier stage companies — things […]

Achieve greater charitable giving flexibility with a nonqualified CRT

As the federal gift and estate tax exemption continues to climb, the number of people subject to estate taxes is shrinking. For those with charitable giving goals, this may increase interest in charitable remainder trusts (CRTs). A lifetime CRT, for example, allows you to accelerate charitable gifts you’d otherwise make at death and enjoy substantial […]

A critical decision: Naming the guardian of your minor children

If you have minor children, perhaps the most important element of your estate plan doesn’t involve your assets. Rather, it involves who will be your children’s guardian.   Questions to consider When evaluating potential guardians, ask these questions: Do they want to serve as guardians? Does your estate plan provide sufficient resources so that caring […]