Susie King to Present Asset-Based Guide to Probate

Susie King will serve as one of the faculty on the National Business Institute’s continuing education program “Asset-Based Guide to Probate” on June 27. The program, which is a live video webcast, will provide a detailed guide to the probate court procedure and instructions on how assets are held, moved and taxed. The participants will:

  • Walk through the probate procedure and get a firm timeline of events;
  • Learn what assets are excluded from probate and how to maximize the use of these exceptions;
  • Get detailed instructions for handling all forms of real estate ownership in probate;
  • Find new ways of maximizing spousal share deductions;
  • Find out what to do with property that cannot be sold;
  • Adapt new post-mortem planning techniques;
  • Analyze each element of an effective final accounting to prevent reopening estates; and
  • Understand how to identify clients with real-life scenarios and stay firmly within legal ethics bounds.

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