Dennis Monroe Reviews Spoon and Stable in Foodservice News

In the March 2015 issue of Foodservice News, Dennis Monroe presents the first in the series of monthly review columns that evaluate Twin Cities restaurants on the basis of their business concept (for additional information and the criteria used by Dennis, see related article). The review analyzes Spoon and Stable, the hottest new Twin Cities restaurant, presided over by the award-winning chef/owner Gavin Kaysen.

Based on his assessment of the quality of the restaurant’s management, decor and investment, potential revenue, menu and pricing, back-of-the-house labor, service and labor costs, and food costs, Dennis sees a strong potential for long-term success.

“If Kaysen keeps doing what he is doing, there is no reason Spoon and Stable won’t outlast 95 percent of the restaurants in Minneapolis,” he concludes. “We just hope he doesn’t get bored with our Minnesota nice and go some place a little edgier.”

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