Creative Compensation Techniques Your Business Should Consider

As we start the new year, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how companies can differentiate themselves in compensation planning. This afternoon I’ll be presenting a series of creative techniques to the Private Directors Association, the only national association dedicated to using governance strategies as a means of growing and sustaining private companies’ […]

What Did I Learn About Real Estate?

At the recent Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, I had the good fortune of moderating a real estate panel with three experts: Victor Calanog, a Moody’s economist renowned in the real estate sector; Glen Kunofsky, a sale/lease back expert; and Bill Lenehen, CEO of Four Corners Property Trust, a major restaurant real estate investment trust. […]

What we learned

Last month I wrote about important issues to consider going forward from a financial standpoint. This month, I’ll focus on seven non-financial items I think we learned from the pandemic that we should take forward. 1. Multi-profit centers One thing that seems evident is that restaurants need to have numerous and varied profit centers. We […]

In a MREJ article Linda Cross and Daniel Jensen discuss the use of surveys in commercial real estate transactions

In the June issue of Minnesota Real Estate Journal, Linda Cross and Daniel Jensen take a closer look at surveys in their article “Benefits and uses of surveys in commercial transactions.” The authors consider the types of due diligence typically incorporated in a survey and the costs involved in obtaining a survey. They focus on […]

What Franchisors Did During the Pandemic and What They Can Still Do Now

This issue of the Monitor features the top 200 franchisees, proving once again the scope and importance of franchising in restaurants. There were winners and losers from the pandemic, but there is one constant: most franchisors tried to take advantage of the resulting dining shifts by providing new ideas, and if needed, help to franchisees. […]