Reinventing your Restaurant Concept

Restaurant concepts, be they single-units, multi-units or chains, must evolve or, more extremely, “re-concept.” There are many examples of restaurants that have tried to reposition themselves by reinventing their concept to attract new or bring back existing consumers. Let’s look at a few examples of those who have tried—some have succeeded and some have not. […]

When or if to franchise: It’s tempting to have someone else finance your expansion, but here’s some food for thought

Business people who develop a successful concept often want to grow it, and in many cases they decide franchising is their growth vehicle. I have a client with a great concept that involves cinnamon rolls and deli sandwiches. It has become a cult favorite around a major university, and my client is often asked by […]

Service Charges: Some ideas on surviving in an era of higher wages and other spiraling costs of doing business

The increase in the minimum wage and, more importantly, the market, particularly in Minnesota, has driven up labor cost in all aspects of the restaurant business; everything from general manager salaries to wait staff. That being said, it doesn’t mean all is lost. There are opportunities that can help control labor costs, but more than […]