F-Town Brewing Founder Plans a New St. Paul Brewery


Travis Temke, the founder of F-Town Brewing, which has been operating in Faribault, MN, since 2015, has been given a green light by St. Paul’s City Council to convert a historic fire station into a brewery and restaurant.

Travis and his wife Justine have been awarded a “tentative developer” status to buy and renovate the vacant Fire House No. 10 at 754 Randolph Avenue. The couple’s $1.8 million concept for the location will combine a brewery, a full-service restaurant and a coffee shop.

“Monroe Moxness Berg’s statement ‘We Help Entrepreneurs’ couldn’t be any more true,” Travis said. “From the beginning, my vision and goals were understood and became a priority to John Remakel and the firm. Their wide-ranging network and guidance have given me the opportunity to successfully complete my project.”

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