John Remakel and Christopher Mumm Are Elected Monroe Moxness Berg Shareholders


The law firm of Monroe Moxness Berg is pleased to announce that John Remakel and Christopher Mumm have been elected shareholders of the firm.

John joined the firm in 2011. He quickly distinguished himself as a highly skilled and trusted securities and small business attorney with an ability to handle a variety of corporate, finance, real estate and employment matters as needed by the firm and its clients.

Chris joined Monroe Moxness Berg in 2012. His work in the multi-unit retail and finance practice areas is consistently cited by clients and fellow attorneys as top-notch; clients rely on Chris for his sharp writing skills and keen eye for detail in matters simple and complex.

“Both John and Chris are excellent attorneys whom we’re honored to call our partners,” said firm shareholder Ryan Palmer. “They’ve earned our trust and respect and, more importantly, the trust and respect of the firm’s clients. We’re excited to welcome them as part of the new generation of shareholders that will lead Monroe Moxness Berg for years to come.”