In a MREJ article Linda Cross and Daniel Jensen discuss the use of surveys in commercial real estate transactions

In the June issue of Minnesota Real Estate Journal, Linda Cross and Daniel Jensen take a closer look at surveys in their article “Benefits and uses of surveys in commercial transactions.” The authors consider the types of due diligence typically incorporated in a survey and the costs involved in obtaining a survey. They focus on […]

Pat Weller to moderate panel on paths to success at Women in Real Estate Summit

MMB’s Patricia Weller will moderate a panel “Path to Success: Advice and Observations from Other Industries” at the Minnesota Real Estate Journal’s third annual Women in Real Estate Summit on September 23. The panel will feature women leaders from a variety of industries offering real estate professionals their insights on overcoming challenges in their career […]

Matt Duffy and Pat Weller to Participate in a Webinar on Emerging Trends in Restaurant Real Estate

Matt Duffy and Pat Weller will be panelists in the upcoming Minnesota Real Estate Journal webinar “Current Issues and Trends Affecting the Restaurant Community.” They will be joined by restaurateur Brian Ingram (New Bohemia, Truck Park USA, Hope Breakfast Bar, and others) and Tanya Spaulding, a principal in the architecture firm Shea, known for its […]

Rent obligations in commercial leases in the wake of COVID-19

Forced to close their businesses or severely restrict operations as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, financially distressed tenants of commercial properties are taking a closer look at their leases to find any potential protection for nonpayment of rent. Though lease obligations remain in force, the extraordinary circumstances ushered by the pandemic are prompting tenants […]

Triple Net Lease: Risks and Benefits for Both Parties

Leases come in all forms. As with any contract, the parties can make the document fit their particular transaction and needs. As a baseline, the parties should first determine which party will be responsible for certain obligations associated with the property. In transactions involving triple net (or “NNN”) leases, it’s helpful to be on the […]

Pat Weller to Speak at Data Center Summit

Pat Weller will be a panelist at an upcoming Data Center Summit, organized by Minnesota Real Estate Journal. The panel is on “Marketing Data Centers Properties and Services,” and it will look at properties for sale, consider comparative advantages of for-sale and sale-leaseback, examine the wholesale space, and discuss data center services, such as colocation […]