Women in Real Estate Panelists Discuss Measuring Success

Monroe Moxness Berg presented a panel “Measuring Women’s Success in the Industry: What We Know Today” at the second annual Women in Real Estate Summit, organized by Minnesota Real Estate Journal. The panel was moderated by MMB shareholder Patricia Weller and included Carin Anderson, senior vice president at Minnesota Wild; Christy LewisVP of business bevelopment at Suntide Commercial Realty; JoAnna Hicks, co-founder and principal at Element Commercial Real Estate; Trish Sieh, engineer and shareholder at Kimley-Horn; and MMB shareholder Amy DuMond Kottke.

Among the questions addressed by the panelist were:

  • What have you done in your career to promote or differentiate yourself? Do you have any issues with having had to do that?
  • What kinds of mentoring have you benefited the most in your work? What kinds of mentoring are still needed?
  • What specific skills helped you the most in your area of work?
  • What changes have you seen in your field/workplace that can be attributed to the rising number and impact of women in that profession?

The event took place on May 9 at the Golden Valley Country Club. See the full program.


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