Making Money With Your Employees

In last month’s issue, when considering the employment issues likely to arise for restaurant operators, we discussed ways to avoid costs and minimize your losses. Now, let’s look at a few ideas that can actually help not only minimize cash costs but create revenue benefits. Use of the FICA Tax Credit Most operators can take […]

Rebirthing Icons: Two experienced restaurateurs tackle the age-old questions: Why you? Why now? Why there?

What makes a restaurant operator think he or she can succeed in a space where others may have had a good run, but then closed their doors? Sometimes it’s the previous operator’s failings, sometimes it’s the location—the neighborhood’s demographics have changed, lingering road construction scares away patrons or the space is too big or too […]

Saving Money on Employment Matters

Employment law is nuanced, and contains many pitfalls and traps for the unwary. The purpose of this article is not to discuss all of the intricate details of the law but to focus on how recent trends affect food service operators financially. The short answer is that there are no short answers. However, we do […]