MMB Attorneys to Discuss ADA “Drive-By” Suits, Wage-and-Hour Issues at MN Hospitality Expo


Ansis Viksnins and Aaron Hartman will be speaking to the attendees at the Minnesota Hospitality Conference & Expo on October 23 at Saint Paul’s RiverCentre. The Expo is a free hospitality industry event for relevant learning, food sampling and networking.

Ansis and Aaron will offer 30-minute presentations at the so-called Connection Corners, areas on the exhibit floor that are designed for casual conversations among a discussion leader and participants:

  • Minimum Wage, Tip-pooling and Other Payroll Issues (11:30 AM): Ansis will review the latest wage-and-hour law issues of interest to restaurant and hospitality business owners. They include classification of workers as employees or independent contractors; minimum wage increases in Minneapolis and St. Paul; and tip-pooling in the aftermath of the Surly Brewing legal case.
  • Protecting Your Business from ADA Lawsuits (12:30 PM): Aaron will discuss the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) “Drive-by” suits, labeled thus because the plaintiff literally rides in a vehicle around a shopping center or restaurant and catalogues the alleged violations of the ADA via photographs without ever actually getting out of the vehicle at the targeted location. Aaron will guide hospitality business owners through some practical steps they can take to limit their exposure to such lawsuits.

For more information and to register, visit the Expo website.