Monroe Moxness Berg Attorneys Discuss Craft Brewing Business and Fast Casual Restaurants at Retail & Restaurant Summit

Monroe Moxness Berg attorneys presented two panels at the Minnesota Real Estate Journal Retail & Restaurant Summit on May 30.

John Remakel, Marcus Urlaub and their guests Blake Verdon of the LTD (Live the Dream) Brewery, Clint Roberts (Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild) and Mike Miziorko (Brewery Supply Group) discussed “Tapping Into the Thriving Craft Brew Industry — Business and Legal Perspectives,” examining the growth of Minnesota craft breweries, pubs and taprooms, and focusing on the business and legal issues associated with brewery sites, licensing requirements and financing.

John Berg, Rick Gibson, and Pat Weller considered “The ‘Chipotle Revolution’: How Fast Casual Is Changing the Retail/Restaurant Space.” The panel looked at the growth of the fact casual segment within the last decade, discussed its impact on other restaurant concepts, and addressed the questions of restaurant space usage and employment raised by the growth of fast casual.

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