Tenant Has Talent: Chef-owners are in it for the lifestyle and dream of restaurant ownership, not the money

It’s fun to see someone in the restaurant industry pursuing their dream on their own terms. Cameron Cecchini, co-owner of Tenant on Bryant Avenue in South Minneapolis, admitted to me the first time I dined there that he and his business partner weren’t going to get rich here, but he was enjoying cooking the food […]

New Approach to Old Techniques for Funding

Last month we talked about new security offerings, new types of IPOs and wonderful new financing techniques. When it comes to the restaurant industry and financing, there are the tried-and-true techniques that will always be around, such as traditional senior lending, sale and leaseback, and equipment leasing. I would like to address a couple of […]

Bar Brigade: Two veteran restaurateurs join forces to give St. Kate’s neighbors a special spot to sup

The Twin Cities has had hit after hit of solid neighborhood restaurants by good chefs, and I believe Bar Brigade will be yet another of those hits for St. Paul. Neighborhoods help define a restaurant so there should be a shared vibe, but not every chef listens. Fortunately, JD Fratzke and Matty O’Reilly, both veterans […]