New Fun in the Equity Market

The IPO market always has been a funding source for growing restaurant brands. And, restaurants are active in raising equity through individuals and private equity, using creative approaches. With the help of my law partner John Remakel who is the head of our securities practice, here is our take on what’s valuable out there, including […]

Why Do Restaurants Close? A Financial Perspective on Why the Demise of Fine Dining Is Closing in on Us

In this column I write about new restaurants and their chances for financial success, but this month I wanted to make some observations on the recent closings of some beloved high-end restaurants in the Twin Cities. While my expertise is the financial aspects of restaurants, I recognize that food, service and personality are the most […]

Let’s Invest in Restaurants

Often I’m asked why people invest in restaurants, and in my articles I’ve certainly offered many reasons why. This time, let’s look at it differently: What if I had $750,000, or $250,000 or $50,000 to invest? Below are some general questions to ask before you write a check: Am I investing in a business or […]