No Shirt, No Shoes…No Mask? What Your Restaurant Needs to Know About Mask Policies and Vaccination Statuses

As the country’s hospitality industry continues to open up, we at MMB have been inundated with questions about mask policies and vaccination statuses. Specifically, in the face of a rising delta variant — but no state or federal mask mandates — restaurant owners want to know: can I have a mask policy, and if so, […]

Minnesota Courts Begin to Reopen for In-Person Proceedings

Over the past 14 months, most court hearings in Minnesota have been conducted via remote Zoom conference. As more people have become vaccinated and state restrictions eased, however, the Minnesota judiciary is following a path of gradual reopening. In Minnesota federal court, criminal jury and bench trials have resumed as of May 3, although not […]

Monitoring your legal options

In this time of total uncertainty and still no answer as to when Covid will end and when restaurants will go back to full strength, restaurant owners need to know what their legal options are. Many of the ideas I’m presenting here are theories at this point because the courts haven’t decided the cases as […]