Centro at Popol Vuh: Fast-casual eatery is bustling with fine-dining sister on its way

Centro in Northeast Minneapolis may call itself fast casual. It may even check off all the boxes for what consumers are looking for in that style restaurant, but it’s the Cinderella at the fast-casual ball. It has scratch Mexican food—including some of the best ceviche and guacamole I’ve tasted—a hipster atmosphere, and a full bar […]

Profit Centers Rule: How local restaurants are making money off their name and branded products

My mantra over the years has always been: Successful restaurant companies have multiple profit centers. The most common profit centers include private dining, catering, off-premise sales, unique bar programs and the in-store sale of branded items, like mugs or T-shirts. But an often overlooked one is packaging and selling your most popular food items (be […]