What Did I Learn About Real Estate?

At the recent Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, I had the good fortune of moderating a real estate panel with three experts: Victor Calanog, a Moody’s economist renowned in the real estate sector; Glen Kunofsky, a sale/lease back expert; and Bill Lenehen, CEO of Four Corners Property Trust, a major restaurant real estate investment trust. […]

What we learned

Last month I wrote about important issues to consider going forward from a financial standpoint. This month, I’ll focus on seven non-financial items I think we learned from the pandemic that we should take forward. 1. Multi-profit centers One thing that seems evident is that restaurants need to have numerous and varied profit centers. We […]

What the Lenders Are Thinking

Working through the pandemic and watching the ups and downs of the financing world, I saw obvious winners and losers. The QSR world, particularly with drive-thrus, along with those with effcient takeout and delivery, were winners. There were many hard-pressed sectors of our restaurant community too, particularly independents, white tablecloth restaurants, family dining, buffets and […]