What we learned

Last month I wrote about important issues to consider going forward from a financial standpoint. This month, I’ll focus on seven non-financial items I think we learned from the pandemic that we should take forward. 1. Multi-profit centers One thing that seems evident is that restaurants need to have numerous and varied profit centers. We […]

What the Lenders Are Thinking

Working through the pandemic and watching the ups and downs of the financing world, I saw obvious winners and losers. The QSR world, particularly with drive-thrus, along with those with effcient takeout and delivery, were winners. There were many hard-pressed sectors of our restaurant community too, particularly independents, white tablecloth restaurants, family dining, buffets and […]

McKinsey and Company survey helps predict the current state of the local restaurant industry

International consulting firm McKinsey and Company, took the Twin City restaurant community under its wing and provided a study of the current state of the local industry, both pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. Here are some of the insights they came up with, which hopefully will help you navigate the future. Special thanks to Julie Gilbert who […]

Monitoring your legal options

In this time of total uncertainty and still no answer as to when Covid will end and when restaurants will go back to full strength, restaurant owners need to know what their legal options are. Many of the ideas I’m presenting here are theories at this point because the courts haven’t decided the cases as […]

Dennis Monroe Comments in QSR Article How the Pandemic Could Reshape the Restaurant Industry

Dennis Monroe is quoted in the January 9 article “4 Post-Pandemic Lessons from the Great Recession” on QSR magazine’s website. The article considers the ways in which the pandemic is likely to reshape the restaurant industry in even more profound ways than the Great Recession did. Dennis’s comments focus on the impact of the pandemic […]

New Ideas for Restaurant Profit Centers

Something evident from the recent Restaurant Finance Week was the great number of new ideas and serious discussions on what post-Covid restaurant concepts will look like. I would like to draw on some of these discussions and develop specific recommendations. Also, I wanted to get input from a true veteran of groundbreaking ideas in the […]