Grand Catch brings the Coastal Maine seafood experience to St. Paul’s Grand Avenue

The same creative minds behind World Street Kitchen and Milkjam, brothers Saed and Sameh Wadi, are the owners of Grand Catch. While World Street Kitchen and Milkjam are located in Uptown at 27th and Lyndale, this venture is in a strip center right at the entranceway to McAlister College. The neighboring retail area has several […]

MMB-Led Panel to Address Reals Costs of Outsourcing Food Delivery

“Understanding the Real Costs of Outsourcing Food Delivery” is a panel organized by Monroe Moxness Berg for the upcoming Food on Demand conference. The panel will discuss the costs of third-party food delivery, focusing on how aggregators can reduce labor and insurance costs for operators. Topics to be discussed include the economics of food delivery […]