My Take on the Top 200 Franchisees

(The article refers to the Restaurant Finance Monitor’s list of top 200 restaurant franchisees of 2017.) The Monitor 200 provides an interesting look at key franchisee operators who have a bearing on our industry and the financing world. The list over the last three years certainly has evolved, but many of the principals and the […]

Making the Grade with Non-Traditional Restaurant Sites: Airports, Colleges and Pop-ups/Kiosks

There has been a great deal written about nontraditional restaurant sites (NTS), but not about their economic viability. While traditional restaurant sites are defined as stand-alone, inline or first floors of hotels and office buildings, the definition for NTS is very fluid—“traditional restaurant sites” are about the only thing excluded from its definition. The shortage […]

Legal and Financial Thoughts for The Top 200

As you can see from the Monitor’s annual Top 200 ranking of the largest franchisees, a significant share are multi-concept operators. Multiple concepts seem to be the trend and a way for the large multi-unit operators to grow. They usually start out with a core concep such as Applebee’s, Burger King, or, in general, QSR […]