MMB Attorneys Named 2021 Franchise Times “Legal Eagles”

For another year running, several Monroe Moxness Berg attorneys – John Berg, Brad Cashman, Rick Gibson, Scott Husaby and Dennis Monroe– were named 2021 “Legal Eagles” by Franchise Times magazine in its April issue. This annual list is designed to identify the very best attorneys in the franchise community, as viewed by their clients and peers. […]

Saving Money on Employment Matters

Employment law is nuanced, and contains many pitfalls and traps for the unwary. The purpose of this article is not to discuss all of the intricate details of the law but to focus on how recent trends affect food service operators financially. The short answer is that there are no short answers. However, we do […]

Two Key Franchise Issues: Development Rights and Capital Expenditures

When you review the Top 200 list [Restaurant Finance Monitor‘s annual list of 200 top franchisees], you realize the big influence franchisees have on their franchise systems. Nonetheless, there’s always some tension between franchisor and franchisee. This often appears in two areas: development rights and required capex for remodels, upgrades or new equipment. Development Rights: […]

How to Bring Value to an Emerging Concept

As Monitor readers know, emerging concepts are getting a lot of press, particularly because of private equity’s investment in earlier-stage concepts. Examples of this type of investment would be Sentinel Capital Partners’ investment in Newk’s Eatery, Morehead Capital’s investment in Hash House A Go Go and Chop’t, and Buffalo Wild Wings’ investment in Pizza Rev […]

Recording of Webcast on Restaurant Franchise Valuation Now Available Online

A recording of “Considerations for Buyers & Sellers of Restaurant Franchises,” a webcast recently presented by Monroe Moxness Berg and Valuation Research Corporation (VRC) in now available on VRC’s website. The webcast provides an overview of the restaurant industry and addresses such topics as pre-sale issues, forms of transaction (stock vs. asset), valuation methodology, allocation […]

How Franchisees Can Successfully Roll Up New Concepts

  When reviewing this year’s Monitor 200 franchisees, it is apparent the large multi-unit franchisees are getting larger and diversifying their holdings. This growth is a result of available financing, the influx of private equity, the desire to take advantage of the efficiency of size and the availability of mature franchisees transitioning out of the […]

What Happens When You Think Big?

  In last month’s lead article “Five Things That Set Good Operators Apart,” Jonathan Maze had a wonderful discussion of the success of large, multi-unit franchisees. One of the things Jonathan pointed out is that even large operators need to think small. For years, this has been a key tenet in restaurant franchising, a world […]

Dennis Monroe and Ryan Palmer Discuss Growing and Selling Restaurant Businesses at the National Restaurant Association Show

Dennis Monroe and Ryan Palmer presented a panel on “How to Grow and Sell Your Restaurant Business” at the annual National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago on May 17. The panel guided the audience through the complete process from growing a franchise and deciding to sell, to the transaction itself. It addressed financial ramifications, legal […]