Women in Real Estate Panelists Discuss Measuring Success

Monroe Moxness Berg presented a panel “Measuring Women’s Success in the Industry: What We Know Today” at the second annual Women in Real Estate Summit, organized by Minnesota Real Estate Journal. The panel was moderated by MMB shareholder Patricia Weller and included Carin Anderson, senior vice president at Minnesota Wild; Christy Lewis, VP of business bevelopment […]

What To Know When Acquiring Multi-Unit Real Estate Sites

As we all know, franchise restaurant companies are dynamic and constantly selling and acquiring multi-unit real estate sites, sometimes in fairly significant numbers. I’d like to highlight the key points related to the acquisition of specific real estate sites. After the buyer has made a financial decision to acquire a group of stores, the next […]

Triple Net Lease: Risks and Benefits for Both Parties

Leases come in all forms. As with any contract, the parties can make the document fit their particular transaction and needs. As a baseline, the parties should first determine which party will be responsible for certain obligations associated with the property. In transactions involving triple net (or “NNN”) leases, it’s helpful to be on the […]